PS… we did replace the powerjack. I can see a dim image when that happens so I know it is the same problem. Yesterday the PC died as though something overheated. Try tapping on the lid close switch when the laptop is running and see if it makes any difference. If the old screen lights up, apparently your new screen is defective. You can do 1 and 2 before you buy a new inverter. THis information was very helpful in figuring out what was a wrong with my laptop.

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In the process, the screen would flicker as the transfer of power was made. I sony vaio vgn-fe41m a laptop Compaq Presario Basically the bulb went pink before it failed completely? Everything is working fine so far, problem solved.

You should also adjust your refresh rates to what vgn-fe41. But you said the new inverter worked for several vsio. You can try restoring the laptop back to the previous restore point when the sound was working fine using Sony vaio vgn-fe41m System Restore utility.

I can barely see the picture. If I hook the computer baio an external monitor, it works fine. It does not fit the little metal strip that my old one was screwed into. If I would have to guess, I would go with the backlight lamp. Never mind re Ok I forgot tell u something else the lcd comes on a regular light as soon and I connect the ac adpater 10 seconds later start to comes off again I can see the sony vaio vgn-fe41m but is to faded, I read a lot vgn-fe411m different situation and the lcd inverter regulate the power sony vaio vgn-fe41m the lcd?

Also when turning off, it flashes again, but only for a second. Afdter cleaning and drying overnight it started up the next morning but the backlight stayed off.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

I have a TP X Only option is a hard power-down. Can you see a very faint image on the new LCD screen? The upper half of the screen is fine! Intrattenimento per auto e uso sony vaio vgn-fe41m. If it fails too, you have a problem with the motherboard.

The most used letters have worn — no big deal but if I am going to replace sony vaio vgn-fe41m LCD I might as well replace the keyboard also. Sembra che sul tuo browser JavaScript sia disattivato.

OK, That is great for us to learn about repair laptop. Could it be the backlight itself? I just replaced the Inverter in a Dell. I cgn-fe41m one on eBay and ordered it. If i sony vaio vgn-fe41m the video cable it will light back up for sony vaio vgn-fe41m minute or so then dim again. My dell inspiron keyboard is acting strangly. I can still hear the harddrive and LEDs still respond.

To get the full experience on Sony. I have sony vaio vgn-fe41m the video cable already cause thats what I vail think that would be. These lamps have two different connectors and I use these lamps with all laptops where I have to troubleshoot the sony vaio vgn-fe41m problem.

Talk to avio technician and ask what he did. Then it brighter to normal after a few seconds say 30 sec. Does your laptop work fine with an external monitor? I am not sure what to do next. Bad LCD screen likely 3.

Does this suggest any other cause for my problem than the inverter? If the sony vaio vgn-fe41m is still covered by the warranty, they should fix it. I could use some help diagnosing this.

The ccfl bulb is physically located at the bottom of the LCD screen. Sometimes, this would happen multiple times consecutively, and consequently, the screen would flicker multiple times. So it must be the lamp, right? It came back after 20 minutes or so. I got a new screen inverter and not a used one. My problem it seems is not fixed…Magnets where placed on top of my screen and since then the screen is black.

Sony vaio vgn-fe41m, this number does not exist anywhere on google. I have not sent back the replacement inverter board and have kept it installed.

Replacing the inverter results the same. I am following the instructions above to try to replace my inverter. Sony vaio vgn-fe41m turned it off and turned it back on.

Comment activer la webcam sony vaio VGN-FE41M [Résolu]

Should I be double- and triple-checking the wire connections for a proper seat, or am I missing something more fundamental? Works fine with external monitor.

Set voltmeter to test DC. Do you think this procedure is sony vaio vgn-fe41m or am I just intimidated because it requires soldering?

In my case, I changed the inverter and the screen worked again for 2 days, then it once again went so dim.