They were both working perfectly, no problems at all. After post i just get a blinking cursor. Is your video cable connected to the VGA blue plug or a video card? Message cj Hello everyone: Joined Apr 7, Messages 7, 1.

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Posted on Feb 18, Be msi x48c platinum first to answer. The total score is Excellent. The SkullTrail platform includes the following: A standard top product.

In this case we even had to put a thick piece of msi x48c platinum under the heatsink to avoid its skewing. Even not being able to read the language I was able to figure out the problem in that thread.

One of the last problems was a failing RAID-0 array: MSI boards can be quirky indeed. HOW can I do that? And finally, the fifth pipe goes msi x48c platinum the second farther heatsink on DrMOS chips.

I willl just add that i never overclocked anything on my system. I ran it twice five times each and it passed all 5 both msi x48c platinum after upping the voltage a bit.

MSI X48 Platinum

Thread starter malware Start date Jan 17, Intel’s Skulltrail is a motherboard platform aimed at the enthusiast PC market. General Protection Processor Exception db: Msi x48c platinum on Dec 06, Be the first to answer. I use a Scythe Mine rev. Keep in mind I dont run a raid configuration, so I cant test that. I am not sure if this is ok, and if not then please moderate, but the MSI techs have sent me the latest beta bios for the X48C – Msi x48c platinum After a sec I power it up again and alla!

Or is the CPU just not going to work?

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5 BIOSes for MSI X48C Platinum (MS-7353)

Can you please be a bit more specific? These same boards are fine with other motherboards. How To Overclock C2d E 9x Use this guide nsi a guideline and forget that its based on a quad core. First, I flashed to the 7. Try manually setting your mem to 9. Intel Core 2 Duo E Ram: HaZe New Msi x48c platinum Jan 17, Eventually, I concluded that minimal change to the BIOS settings was the best approach and only msi x48c platinum one at a time, platihum by a reboot to OS to check nothing had messed up as a consequence.

But, if I restart it or shut it down, it wont start again and I have to try several times. MSI X48C platinum bios 7. Even bios msk page did not apear. Posted on Feb 15, Be the msi x48c platinum to answer.

Welcome to Corsair :: Memory Configurator

Posting Guide Read All 0 Posts. I cant load default, both my memory kits need atleast 1. All others trademarks and msi x48c platinum mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Obviously keyboard is working and front panel keys as well.

Neither stick in any dimm will work after a full clear? All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Updated the bios to the beta version 7.

やっぱり「ASRock」なIntel X48マザー── 「X48Turbo Twins-WiFi」で遊ぶ (1/2) – ITmedia PC USER

Hi Stubkier, I had the same problem with mine with bios 7. Im not going out on a limb and say for sure but maybe. Manual Cpu Ratio Not Working? Occasionally, a reboot or attempt to boot after powering off which I am doing every night to help the arctic silver on my CPU set properly will result in failure to POST msi x48c platinum a few resets eventually get it back to booting properly so no biggie.

At the moment the only thing installed on the motherboard is the CPU and the PSU connections and its still not working. I have tried to use a different a SATA hard drive. Or are there any msi x48c platinum components that might be annoying the system?